French window, despite its name, is a heavily fenestrated double door, usually found in domestic buildings and opening on to a garden.

French window


Definition of French window

A stressed-skin panel is a structural panel consisting of plywood facings glued to timber stringers. It is normally used as floor, roof, or wall member subject to bending. The plywood facings and stringers act as a series of I-beams where the plywood acts as a resistant of all the bending stresses. A cross bracing may be positioned to support the edges of the skin and to help distribute concentrated loads.


Definition of stressed-skin panel

Tectonics is the science or art of shaping, ornamenting, or assembling materials in construction.

Stina Holm Jensen | Tectonic Architectural Studio

Stina Holm Jensen | Tectonic Architectural Studio

Definition of tectonics

Trompe l’oeil is a drawing or painting in which objects are rendered in extremely fine detail to emphasize the illusion of tactile and spatial qualities.


trompe l'oeil

Definition of trompe l’oeil

Falsework is the temporary framework for supporting a structure under construction that is not yet capable of supporting itself.


Definition of falsework

An anthemion is a stylized decorative form based on honeysuckle, the lobes of which point inwards (unlike a palmette).


Allendale Theatre in Buffalo, NY 

Definition of anthemion

Design process is a focused activity aimed at formulating a plan for altering an existing situation into a more favoured one.


1   initiation: identifying a problem…

2   preparation: collecting and analysing relevant information…

→ conceive to form an idea or conception in the mind. Continue Reading…

Eclectic refers to works of architecture and the decorative arts that derive from a wide range of historic styles, the style in each instance being chosen for its deemed appropriateness to local tradition, geography, or culture.

eclectic style in madrid home

eclectic style // Madrid

Definition of eclectic

Gingerbread refers to a heavily, gaudily, and superfluously ornamented, specifically in architecture.


gingerbread house // Russia

Definition of gingerbread

A feasibility study is a detailed investigation and analysis conducted to determine the financial, technical, or other advisability of a proposed construction project.


 feasibility study // Transition Works

Definition of feasibility study

Juxtaposition is the state or position of being placed close together or side by side, so as to permit comparison or contrast.

ginger and fred

Frank Gehry // Dancing House, Prague, Czech Republic

Definition of juxtaposition

A diagram is a drawing, not necessarily representational, that outlines, explains, or clarifies the arrangement and relations of the parts of a whole.

Stan Allen- Diagrams of Field Conditions, 1996 Illustrator, interesting way to demonstrate field conditions.

Stan Allen // Field Conditions Diagrams, 1985

Definition of Diagram